My New Website

Thank you for visiting! I have opened a new site at this site is now an archive and will no longer be updated.

This site has been my way of helping the Zcash Community learn more about Zcash and now I am moving on to the next phase to help you stay up-to-date with the most recent Zcash developments;

I have opened a new site at where you will find:

  • Live Zcash Market Data
  • Live Zcash Network Data
  • Most Recent Zcash Google News
  • Most Recent Zcash Blog Posts
  • Zcash Technology Information, Links, Videos and History
  • Mining Zcash Tutorials, Links, Hardware, Software and Pools
  • Information for Developers who want to use Zcash
  • Markets and Platforms where you can buy and trade Zcash
  • Wallets so you can spend and store your Zcash

So please visit the new site for the most recent information and Zcash news!




Gibson is the creator of, is a supporter of your right to privacy, and is not directly affiliated with Zcash in any way. Do you have questions or comments? please email: feedback (at)

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